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13 Mar 2019
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Shapes – song

Click here to download the lyrics of Shapes – Formas geometricas & its translation.

Here you have some ideas to practice the shapes at home:

  1. Use legos or building blocks to build something your children love: un avion (a plane), un auto (a car), an animal, etc.
  2. Place this big flashcards on the ground and ask children to find objects with this form at home. Give them some time and play with others if possible.
  3. Colour the flashcards and play: Yo tengo… (I have…)A: Yo tengo… (I have…) un triángulo.¿Quién tiene un triangulo?
    Child: Yo! (me) / Yo tengo un… triangulo. ( I have a triangle)
  4. Ratoncitos (little mice) – vocabulary needed: un raton – one mouse; dos ratones – two mice; un gato – a cat… we make 5 mice using the shapes and then we can sing the song to practice numbers 1-5 and the vocabulary listed.

Lyrics & translation options if needed – you can also find the song in Spotify

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