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Family – La familia

13 Mar 2019
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You are going to find resources to learn and practice the topic: La familia

Mi familia

Click here to access the game La familia by Agrega 2

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¡Feliz día de la madre! – Happy mother’s day! This is one of my favourite songs from Sara. It’s so catchy… Why not singing it to ‘mama’, Grandma or Nana? If your children are under 5 years old, you can encourage them to sing the chorus. If they are older, they can sing it all: print the lyrics, cut them up and let them put the song together as they are listening to it for the first time. The second time,  they can sing along with the help of the lyrics.

You can introduce the song by talking about how different cultures celebrate Mother’s day. You can ask your children, do you remember how we celebrated Mother’s day last year? If they don’t remember, tell them and remind them how much you liked it (you can also talked about the presents if there were some).
In Argentina, we celebrate El día de la Madre in October. It is a big family celebration and is always on a Sunday. We have a big family lunch sitting around the table – all together children and adults. Lunch starts at 12 or 1 pm and doesn’t really finish until 3 or 4 pm by the time we have dessert and then grown-ups have coffee or mate. We usually give our mamás– mothers and abuelas – grandmothers presents. Children always make presents at school for their mothers. Presents are handmade and can be anything from cards to drawings to decorated cups or boxes.

It is going to be my second Mother’s day. I was away last year so I couldn’t celebrate it with my family here. I was in Argentina visiting my family with my daughter, Catalina. I look forward to celebrating it the “Kiwi” way!!

How do you celebrate mother’s day at home? Do you have any special family traditions? Send us some photos or write comments!!

Lyrics: Mamá te quiero mucho

Mamá, mamá te quiero mucho mamá
Mamá, mamá te quiero mucho
Me gustas mucho mamá
Tú eres mi San Valentín
Me gusta jugar contigo
Tú eres mi corazón

Mamá, mamá te quiero mucho mamá
Mamá, mamá te quiero mucho
Tú eres mi favorita
Me gusta cuando me das un beso
Me gustan tus abrazos
Te quiero muchísimo

Mamá, mamá te quiero mucho mamá
Mamá, mamá te quiero mucho

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