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10 Apr 2013
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Mil colores – A thousand colours

On the last class of all children classes we revise all the contents we worked with in Term 1. Everybody loved the story part. You can download the story – Android or iphone/ipad version in PlayTales. The story is called ‘Mil colores’ in Spanish and there is also an English version ‘A thousand colours’.  you may need to change the search language to find the story in Spanish. This is a great story as it reviews a lot of the vocabulary and phrases we learnt during the term, especially the ‘Heladería’ role-play. You can choose to read yourself or to listen to the audio.

The story: Today is a beautiful day! Because it is so nice outside, Diana (la niña  – the girl) and her grandmother (la abuela) decide to go on a walk. They have a great time together visiting the fish in the pond and buying yellow bananas (bananas in Spanish could be bananas & platanos) in the market (we called it ‘Verduleria’). They also watch the white clouds in the sky and enjoy some delicious ice cream (helado) in the park. Join Diana and her grandmother as they stroll through the city and discover all the beautiful colors around us. This is a perfect story for little ones who are learning their first words!

Remember to change the search language to Spanish when looking for the book in PlayTales .

We also listened and sang : A mi mono. Here you have the lyrics and the video in YouTube… in bolded are the words children should sing.

A mi mono le gusta la lechuga
planchadita y sin una sola arruga.
Él la come con sal y con limón,
muy contento sentado en el balcón.

If you and your children came to one of the classes in Term 1, please remember to send back your feedback. Gracias!!!


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