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Farm animals

20 May 2014
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Vengan a ver mi granja… – Come and see my farm

Did you know that animals make “different noises” in Spanish? Onomatopoeia are not necessarily the same in Spanish and English – we represent animals sounds using onomatopeias, they are words that phonetically imitate, resemble or suggest the source of the sound that they describe. These are some…

¿Cómo hace el perro? – What sound does the dog make?

  • El perro hace ‘guau, guau’ – the dog says ‘wof, wof’
  • El gato hace ‘miau, miau’ – the cat says ‘meow, meow’
  • La vaca hace ‘muu, muu’ – the cow says ‘moo, moo’
  • El gallo hace ‘kikiriki, kikiriki’ –  the roster says ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’
  • La oveja hace ‘mee, mee’ – the sheep says ‘baa, baa’
  • El cerdo hace ‘ oinc, oinc’ – the pig says ‘oink, oink’
  • El pollito hace ‘pío, pío’ – the chicks say ‘chirp, chirp’
Thanks Music with Sara for this wonderful version of  Vengan a ver mi granja. Disfruten! Enjoy!

More farm animals songs:

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Es un perro – It is a dog

If you want to watch a whole cartoon in Spanish: Caillou granjero – Caillou the farmer

Please ask for the password to be able to use Rockalingua.com. This game below is perfect to practice the name of farm animals.

The farm game from Rockalingua.com

You will find more resources in Animals – Los animales

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