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Videos for Beginners 1 & 2 – Introductions, countries and people

11 Jun 2013
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These videos are from editorial Difusión. Although two of the videos don’t have subtitles in Spanish they are an excellent resource to practise your listening and and even speaking. If you have done Beginners 1, you will be able to understand most of the words and phrases used: you will understand the gist of it.

These videos as well as the CD from the book we use in class have native speakers talking about topics we dealt with in our classes. It may seem it is very difficult to understand Spanish as you have just started. Try to focus on the words you understand, the images will help you and build up the meaning of what it is all about. Little by little, you will understand more and more. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Listening to real people will train you to understand and speak to natives when you are travelling: most of our students come to our classes to learn Spanish to travel or speak with their relatives.

Listening to Spanish outside the class will help you to improve and get you use to different Spanish accents. Spanish is an official language in 21 sovereign states and one dependent entity, totalling around 423 million people. It is important to be exposed to many different people who speak Spanish as we don’t all speak the same way. Speaking depends on our age, culture background, studies, our family as well as the country where we come from.


Guess what country they are talking about.

Gente – people. Watch three people introducing themselves and talk about their lives.

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