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Videos for Beginners 1 & 2 – ¿Qué tipo de música te gusta? Personas y palabras

8 Jul 2013
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¿Qué tipo de música te gusta? – What type of music do you like?
Personas y palabras – People and words

Both videos are from Editorial Difusión, the same editorial from the book we use in class: Aula Internacional 1. That is why it is a good idea to watch these videos, especially if your goal is to travel to Latin America or Spain. Listening will help you speak. Both videos have subtitles in Spanish.

The first video is related to Aula Internacional’s unit 5  ‘Tus amigos son mis amigos’ – your friends are my friends. You will find more vocabulary and grammar related in the summary on page 45.

Key words to help you understand:

Escuchar – (yo) escucho: I listen
Me gusta…: I like
¿Por qué ?: Why?
Porque: Because
es diferente: it’s different
¿Tu música o grupo favorito?: Your music or favourite group
Comprar – (yo) compro: I buy
Descargar – (yo) descargo: I download
concierto: concert
en el coche: in the car
en casa: at home
No me gusta… I don’t like

The second video is related to the Spanish language in general.

Esperamos que les gusten y sean útiles – we hope you like them and they are useful. Write your comments or questions below and we’ll get back to you.

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