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Studio is not ready yet but classes are still on…

5 May 2012
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From Salsa Latina’s newsletter:

We’re MOVING; At this point in time, we’ve just moved out of 54 Fitzgerald Ave & are now organising the next studio which is even bigger & central. To recap, our old studio on Fitzgerald Ave which was originally due to be repaired, is going to cost to much to fix. It’s now waiting to be demolished.
OPENING Date Moved
to Monday 14th May. Finalising the new studio has taken up more time than we originally anticipated so unfortunatelly we have had to move the opening date a week later. This is just an estimate at this point in time as we could open earlier or later. We will be disclosing the new addresss when the new studio is all finalised, we’re working very hard to get this confirmed as soon as possible and we may get information as soon as tomorrow.

Speak Spanish is not interrupting the classes so we are having some of the classes in Laura’s house and some others in Mercato. Please contact her if you have any questions.

Muchas gracias!!!

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