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I spy… – Veo, veo… & alphabet song

12 Jul 2013
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This is one of the children’s favourite games and songs… I spy… Veo, veo…

We use different versions depending on the children ages as this version here uses the vowels which wouldn’t be suitable for children under 5. We use the colours instead. This is how it goes:

Teacher sings: Veo, veo   (I see, I see)
Children sing: ¿Qué ves? (What do you see?)
Teacher sings: Una cosita…  (A little thing…)
Children sing:: ¿Qué cosita es?… (What little thing is it?)
Teacher sings: Color, color…ROJO (Colour, colour… RED)
For older children: Empieza con la A, ¿Qué será? ¿Qué será? ¿Qué será? (Starts with letter A, What is it? What is it? What is it? )
Children say RED things (or objects starting with A) they can see until someone guesses what the little thing is.

Another song to practice letters (and the alphabet):

More children resources here

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