Enrol now for term 2!! New venue for adult courses

We are excited to announce we are going to move to 69 Worcester Boulevard from May. This has been home of Languages International Christchurch and we are now sharing their venue with us in the evening.  This is a renovated, seismically-strengthened historic building  with comfortable centrally-heated classrooms and a student lounge which we will be using on our special events night around the year. There is wheelchair access.

Off street parking is free after office hours or else you can park on the CCC parking on the corner of Worcester Boulevard and Rolleston Avenue.

We are also offering classes in Salsa Latina and in Lincoln Events Centre as usual.


Please check the Enrol section for our schedule on adults and children classes in term 2.

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Children classes + Free workshop for parents

We are currently teaching Spanish in Beckenham, Ladbrooks and Salsa Latina. We are adding Fendalton, Lincoln and Tai Tapu schools on term 2. Enrol online or contact us by phone or email if you have questions. We can also send you a quote to have a class at your children’s school at lunchtime or after school.

We offer….
Children + parents courses
(ages 2 & 3); (ages 4 to 7) for the whole family; children learn though games and songs. The first class is free; discounts for siblings.

School age children courses (ages 6 to 11) in Salsa Latina, Beckenham, Ladbrooks, Fendalton, Lincoln and Tai Tapu Schools. Courses are designed  to suit children’s ages and abilities. Discounts for 6 + students.

School age children advanced courses (ages 11+ or native speakers) Beckenham & Salsa Latina.

Free workshop for parents 6th May- South Christchuch Library
Raising bilingual children & the benefits of learning a second

Mandarin Stars and Speak Spanish will be offering a a free and informative workshop for parents who are raising bilingual children or parents who would like to learn more about the benefits of children learning a second language. Melissa Heyrick, from Mandarin Stars, and Laura D’Amico, from Speak Spanish, are going to guide you, give you tips on what to do at home and answer all of your questions about raising bilingual children. They will also share accounts of their students language learning and their own children too. Please contact us to book a spot or to find out more information.


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Easter song

La ronda de los conejos from Cantando con Adriana

The rabbit circle

Objective: Learning the words ‘conejo’ rabbit, ‘conejos’ rabbits’, cerca’ close (cerquita – very close), ‘lejos’ far, ‘saltar’ to jump, ‘dar una vuelta’ turn round, ‘espejo’ mirror, ”zanahoria’ carrot, ‘tirar besos’ though kisses away.

Download the lyrics and the translation here La ronda de los conejos

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Fruits & vegetables 1: The very hungry caterpillar

La oruga muy hambrienta by Eric Carle

We are learning fruits and food + more in our children classes this week. This popular children story by Eric Carle is one of the favourite resources to learn and practise them; who has not read this one? If you are coming to our Children + parents classes you would hear the simplified version as the little ones get easily distracted with the slightly longer original version. Click here to listen to the story – in Spanish – told by Laura. It is good to play and follow turning the pages of the book – and for papas and mamas too!!

Do you know all the fruit and food in the book? Which ones do you like and which ones you don’t?

Disfruten! – Enjoy!

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Videos for Beginners 1

Editorial Difusion has produced excellent videos students can watched after they finish working with the book units in class –  Aula Internacional 1. Videos are a good tool to improve your listening, speaking and of course, your pronunciation when you are at home. Most of our students study Spanish because they want to travel to a Spanish speaking country: most for leisure but also to work and speaking is their ultimate goal. Read 10 ways to improve your Spanish speaking for more suggestions.

Unit 1 – Nosotros
Unidad 2 – Quiero aprender español
Unidad 3 – ¿Donde esta Santiago?
Unidad 4 – ¿Cuál prefieres?
Unidad 5 – Tus amigos son mis amigos
Unidad 6 – Día a día
Unidad 7 – ¡A comer!
Unidad 8 – El barrio ideal
Unidad 9 – Una vida de película

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