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1 Oct 2011
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Speak Spanish is a blog run by Christchurch-based Spanish teacher Laura D’Amico. She has been working in the education industry in NZ for more than 3 years now. She  has also been working in administration and marketing promoting one of the oldest second language institutions in the country. Laura’s experience comes from her studies in Argentina and New Zealand and most important class experience. She has worked in several enviroments: schools, private institutions, one-to-one classes. She taught adults and children alike. She taught English as a second language but when she moved to NZ, she became to be very interested in promoting her always loved language and culture so she introduced herself to the study of Spanish (even though Spanish is her first language).

S*Spanish was created to help students to learn and improve their Spanish. You will find information, resourses, ideas and useful links. We would like to motivate students to use authentic materials to  help them be in contact with the “real” language and the Spanish speaking culture. Authentic materials provide students a better and faster way of adquiring the language and relate more closely to students needs. You will open up to this wonderful language and  learn productively.

In this website we will teach and help students whatever the age to learn enjoying Spanish in many different ways. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!!!

¡Muchas Gracias por seguirnos!

We are currently working on the site. I will keep you posted!!! Gracias!

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