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1- La escuela de español

28 Oct 2011
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Introduction: Look at the photos and answer the questions: Can you describe what you see? Can you name what you see in Spanish?
The introduction is just for you to become familiar with the topic, don’t worry if you are struggling to produce a word in Spanish, after all that is why you are here learning. Keep going if you can’t name anything you see.

1- Label all the objects/people in the photographs: escuela, español, La escuela de español, alumno/a/os/as, profesora, libro/s, lapicera/ bolígrafo, compañero/a, mesa, silla, ventana, celular, botella de agua, hojas, folleto, recepcionista
2- ¿Dónde están ellas? Can you answer this question?
You might know the meaning of “Donde”. It means “where” so you might be thinking that “¿Dónde están?” means Where are they? Answer: Ellas están en la escuela de español. Can you repeat this question and answer?
Foto 1: ¿Dónde están ellas? Están en la recepción de la escuela de español.
Foto 2: ¿Dónde están ellas? Ellas están en la escuela de español.
So now you know to ask and answer questions with ¿Dónde? to talk about location. You also know some vocabulary related to the class. If you want to know more about “estar” click here.
Download the answers – soon
Grammar: Present tense
Functional language: Asking & giving information about people location
Cultural contents: School/ location
Ability: Speaking
Objective: Students will ask and answer the question ¿Dónde están ellas? using the photos. Students will learn the vocabulary realated to objects/ people in the class.
Recepción de la escuela de español photo
Clase de español photo

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