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How to study with Speak Spanish lessons

10 Jan 2012
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How to study with the resources on our website

We are little by little uploading our lessons onto this website for you to use. If your goal is to Speak Spanish, it is important to do as much as you can. Take lessons, listen to Spanish TV programmes online, listen to music, read newspapers/ magazines/ recipies… there are so many options. Just choose the one you like and the one you feel more comfortable with.

Your teacher has an invaluable source of ideas for you to use,  when you find something you like – think – how would we have done this in class? Taking lessons is going to help you adquiring lots of tools to keep studying and improving on your own. It is your responsability to keep in touch with the language.  Lessons only is not the answer for you to Speak Spanish. From my own experience, I can tell you that you can improve a lot by just being in touch with the language. You don’t need to do it for hours, you just need to have the discipline to do it for a couple of minutes a day or a week. Spanish is going to sound more familiar to you the more time you spend listening to it. Words that are just “noise” at the beginning will make sense later on and you will recognise them the more you bump into them. And eventually you will start using them!!

It takes time to learn a language, there is no magical potion yet, unfortunately. But the good news is that it is not impossible. By no means you are determined to fail if you are not in a non Spanish speaking country! Materials are closer to us on the internet; you will see that even though you are a beginner, you can use authentic materials available on many sites. You will need to learn some tools on how to use these materials – our lessons are going to help you doing that.

S*Spanish lessons are guided for you to focus on the objective stated at the end of the lesson. You will also find  the grammar  and the vocabulary that you are learning. If you find a word you don’t know in the middle of the lesson, my advice is to wait till you finish the lesson to look it up in the dictionary. When you look words in the dictionary you are interrupting the flow of the exercise, that may mean that you will lose concentration and by the end of looking up the word you don’t quite remember what the exercise was about. Once you finish the exercises, you can then go through unknown words again and maybe use the dictionary. You can leave the new words for another day as well. Next time you sit down to practise, you can do all the exercises again without looking at your new words list. You will know how much you improve (or not). After some time, you can do the same, do all the exercises again. Eventually you would be able to write down or tell yourself what you learned at the end of the lesson, i.e. today I learned verbo estar, I can congugate this verb like this…., the vocabulary used was related to …, I remember 5 words…, I can say this sentences/ questions using the vocabulary and the verbs in the lesson…, what don’t I remember? That is what you have to focus on next time!

We will keep providing you outlines on How to study with Speak Spanish lessons soon.


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