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Book Club – for Spanish language learners

25 Feb 2015
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Thursday 26th Feb 6.00 to 7.00pm – Free event for registered students




Have you done any of our courses at Speak Spanish? Are you doing one now?

This is an event for all our registered students.

Do you want to improve your Spanish language skills? This is a new option for those willing to practise a little more. Reading is a fantastic way to improve your fluency and build up your vocabulary even if you just started (please come along if you are in the Beginners classes, this meeting will be suitable for you too!). All levels are welcome!

Join us for a great discussion and guided conversation about Spanish stories/texts. We will have one Book Club meeting every month. Open to readers who have a love of Spanish language and culture.

Please download a copy of the book here. It is a leveled book so it is suitable for Beginners, Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate. Please read the material before coming to the Book Club.

Gente que busca gente pag 1

Book: Gente que busca gente (leveled book for Spanish learners)

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