59 Hewitts Rd. Rangi Ruru Girls' School
Wednesdays, 7.35pm to 9.05pm
10 Weeks - 15 hs
Oct 18, 2017

Important 2017: due to students’ feedback we are extended our courses to 10 weeks instead of 8. This will allow us to add more speaking practice during our courses. Please note the reason why fees are increasing from Jan 2017.

This course is the follow up on Beginners 1. In Beginners 2 there is a great deal of vocabulary and phrases which you’ll need when travelling – accommodation, transport, places, weather, seasons.

You will learn:

Unit 4: Clothes, to express necessity, to buy in a shop, to talk about preferences, to ask for prices, numbers from 100 & currency, everyday life objects, verb “ir”.

Unit 5: Basic physical & character descriptions, to express likes & interests, to talk about preferences, family & personal relationships, music.

Unit 6: Daily routines – verbs in the present tense, times of the day & month, the time, express frequency.

Extra unit: Holidays, trips & geography, to talk about likes & preferences, to give your opinion about holidays, trips and types of accommodation, to talk about places & weather.

It is a course designed for students who have a very basic knowledge in Spanish – A1 beginner according to the Common European Framework of References for Languages. If this is the first course you want to enrol in, please contact us before enrolling as we need to check your level. You could do the placement test in your own time and send it by email, although it is advisable to book a time to have a 15 minute oral test/ interview as well.

Starting this course means you have to be able to know and communicate using the structures we have taught in Beginners 1. If you have done some classes before but you are unsure you can take this level, please contact us, we will be able to advise what the best option is.

You will need the book Aula Internacional 1 plus material supplied by the teacher. A test will be provided at the end of the course to evaluate your grammar, vocabulary, oral and listening abilities; you will do part of the test in your own time and send it by email to the teacher to be checked.

Teachers are qualified language instructors and native Spanish speakers with experience.

Extra benefits when enrolling in Beginners 2:
Registration fee is free
Invitation to the Movie Night – April to November 2017;
10% discount on Conversation for Beginners (between terms);
10% discount on workshops: Spanish for travellers; Grammar or Pronunciation workshops

Please refer to Terms & Conditions before enrolling to the course.