Belén Jarabo-Aguado
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Even though Belén usually says she is from Barcelona, she was raised in Castellón, a city 2-hour south of Barcelona, also in the Mediterranean coast. She studied Tourism, and while doing an Erasmus exchange in Leeds she realised that what she really loved was languages. Once she came back, decided to finish her degree in Tourism and move back to Barcelona to study Translation and Interpretation at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Before finishing her degree, she went a year as an au-pair to Germany to improve her German, country she fell in love with, and moved back after finishing her degree in Translation. In there, while working with the DLRG (the German life saving organisation), she also started helping some children with their Spanish and English homework and also gave some classes to people of the village she was living in who wanted to travel to Spain. But it was not until she moved to New Zealand that she really thought of becoming a Spanish teacher to complement her work as an interpreter/translator. To formalize her education as a teacher, she finalized the online course Curso Universitario de especializacón en: Formación para la enseñanza de español como lengua extranjera, by the Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes. On December 2020 she became part of the Speak Spanish family.