59 Hewitts Rd. Rangi Ruru Girls' School
Saturdays, 12.30 to 3.30pm
3 hs
Feb 4, 2017
59 Hewitts Rd. Rangi Ruru Girls' School
Saturdays, 9.00 to 12.00pm
3 hs
Apr 29, 2017

Do you need extra help with your speaking and pronunciation in Spanish? This Pronunciation Workshop is for students who have a Beginners or Pre-Intermediate level. Students will be polishing their pronunciation, word stress, sentence linking, and fluency. Learn to make the most our of your course book and Campus Difusion website. Keep focused… why is it important to improve my speaking skills? What can I do to get better?

Requirements to attend this class:
  • a beginner or pre-Intermediate level in Spanish
  • this workshop is suitable for new students to our institute
Other useful classes to improve your speaking – IMPORTANT: – only for registered Speak Spanish students during Term breaks

10% discounts to current students enrolled in Term 3 (pay $67.50)