59 Hewitts Rd. Rangi Ruru Girls' School
Saturdays, 9.00 to 3.00pm
Level Test + 4 weeks + Mock exam + book
Oct 7, 2017

What is DELE? 

Why is it a good idea to take the Preparation for DELE?

  • DELE exams are official certificates that accredits the grade of competence  and master of the Spanish as a foreign language. They are given by The Instituto Cervantes in the name of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.
  • The DELE certificates are important because they  have an international recognition by private companies, chamber of commerce and public and private education systems. So if you are going to work, study or do voluntary jobs in Spanish speaking countries, they are a asset and sometimes a requirement*. (*please check individually with universities, companies and NG groups).

Where can I sit the exam?

  • Speak Spanish offers only DELE Preparation courses at the moment, not the exam. We are working on becoming one of the accredited centres to offer the tests in New Zealand but at the moment you can only sit the exam in Auckland (26th Nov 2016) or Sydney. Speak Spanish will give you a certificate of the course. This certificate does not accredit  the DELE title but the numbers of hours you have studied intis course.

How do I know what level I am?

  • Please enrol to the Level Test (7th Oct 2017) to check you are ready to start the Preparation for DELE course. We have to check your level and accept your enrolment before you start. It is not a course to obtain new knowledge of the language. It is a course to  PREPARE you for the DELE exam ( the student must have the knowledge required depending on the level the student wants to achieve) but we do check the knowledge.

What would we do in the Preparation for DELE?

  • Student motivation and dedication are essential. We will work with all skills needed for the DELE Diploma – writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary and grammar.
  • Writing: student do the first writing tasks at home recording the time it took to do it. The teacher will use correction symbols so students can work out what the errors are and are able to self correct them. The teacher will guide them during the process. 
  • Listening: audios are generally worked in class but we do encourage students to listen to them again at home.
  • Vocabulary & grammar: students do these exercises at home recording the time they need to complete them. Doubths and errors are worked in class with the teacher’s guidance.
  • Speaking: students speak and correct mistakes in class. The teacher guides students to improve fluency and use expressions, connectors that will help students to reach a higher grade.

Am I expected to do extra work between classes?

Yes, you are expected to do a considerable amount of work between classes especially if there is an area you need extra practice.

I have passed the test, what now?

  • Enrol in a higher level course during the term at Speak Spanish – Spanish Language Institute. Keep your speaking level up by enroling on Conversation classes.
Schedule for Preparation for DELE at Speak Spanish

Preparation for DELE – Spanish Diploma Level A1 (Breakthrough)

  • Saturday 7th October – 9.00am – Level Test – please allow 2 hours. If you have enrolled to the Preparation for DELE, you do not have to pay for the Level Test. If you are not sure what to do and want to take the Level Test you are required to pay $50 (enrolment fee).
  • Saturdays 14th, 21nd, 28th & 4th Nov – 9 to 3pm – Preparation for DELE course
  • Saturday 11th Nov – 9.00 am – Mock exam – allow 4hs

Exam levels

Private classes are available for those students who cannot place in a group because there isn’t enough students for your level. We required 4 students minimum to a course.
Please enrol to be able to sit the Level Test on Sat 7th Oct at 9am & specify if you are willing to do the Preparation course too. Students are asked to pay in full before the course start. Materials are included in the fees but we do recommend you buy the grammar reference book Gramatica Basica del Estudiante de Espanol or Student’s Basic Grammar of Spanish (English version) for self study on top of the course contents.

**Important: as per 20/09/16 we have added the cost of the book to the fees you will need for the course ($40). You will received the book when you sit your level test and the teacher will give you a guide for the course as well as the homework for class number 1.