59 Hewitts Rd. Rangi Ruru Girls' School
Saturdays, 9 to 12pm
3 hs
Jul 22, 2017

Do you need extra help understanding the Spanish language structure? This Grammar Workshop is for students who have a Beginners or Pre-Intermediate level. Students will be polishing their knowledge on grammar understanding the importance when learning Spanish. Learn to make the most our of your course book and Campus Difusion website. Keep focused… what do I need to know in a Beginner level? How can I study at home on my own?

Requirements to attend this class:
  • a beginner or pre-Intermediate level in Spanish
  • this workshop is suitable for new students to our institute
Schedule & details for the one-off term class:
  • Introduction
  • word categories & functions
  • What’s a noun? How to identify it; gender, singular/ plural, grammatical concordance
  • What’s a verb? How to identify it? Relationship between verb conjugations and personal pronouns
  • Sentence structure. Identify ‘sujeto’ and ‘predicado’
  • 10 minute break – Coffee, tea and biscuits provided.
  • Verbs:  intransitive, transitive. Direct Object & Indirect Object. Reflexive & reciprocal verbs.
  • word order in a sentence; sentence concordance
  • prepositions & adverbs
  • students’ questions, summary – how to practice on your own – and farewell

10% discounts to registered students (pay $67.50)

Useful books we like to study grammar at home: