59 Hewitts Rd. Rangi Ruru Girls' School
Thursdays, 7.35 to 9.05pm
10 Weeks - 15 hs
Aug 2, 2018
59 Hewitts Rd. Rangi Ruru Girls' School
Thursdays, 6.00 to 7.30pm
10 Weeks - 15 hs
Aug 2, 2018
59 Hewitts Rd. Rangi Ruru Girls' School
Saturdays, 1.30 to 3.00pm
10 Weeks - 15 hs
Aug 4, 2018
Fee$225 +GST

Please note GST is not included in the course fees – fees for this course are $225 +GST

This first course is for students who have no experience with Spanish. Our classes are focused on speaking so you will be speaking Spanish from the start. We like to provide a fun and relaxed environment where students are able to have fun and introduce themselves to the culture.

Games and real-life role-plays are a must in our classes and students really enjoy them; it does make a difference to learn and practice the language just as it is in real life!

You will learn: greetings, give and ask personal details, ask to repeat what someone just said, slow down and ask for words or equivalents in Spanish, feminine and masculine genre, conjugations -AR, -ER and -IR, the Present tense, irregular verbs “ser, tener, llamarse, querer, estar”, numbers and money, the alphabet, nationalities and countries, personal pronouns, describe places, verb “hay”, talk about weather, question words, basic orders in restaurants and shops.

This is an introductory A1 according to the Common European Framework of References for Languages. You will need the book Aula Internacional 1 – Nueva Edicion. Extra material (i.e. extra photocopies – not book copies) will be supplied by your teacher. A test will be provided at the end of the course to evaluate your grammar, vocabulary, oral and listening abilities; you will do part of the test in your own time and send it by email to the teacher to be assessed.

Teachers are qualified language instructors with experience.

Extra benefits when enrolling in Beginners 1:

  • Registration fee is free;
  • Invitation to our Movie Night – once a month, every last Friday of the month;
  • 10% off on Conversation classes  – before & after the 10 weeks course;
  • 20% off private classes taken in the same term – private classes taken on the same term are $48 + GST per person or $64 + GST per 2-3 students;
  • Smaller classes – no more than 10 students.

*we have a minimum of 4 students to set up a course, please enquire for us to offer our courses at your work, for example. We also have waiting lists to open courses outside Christchurch, if we have enough students we may be able to travel to you; register your interest, please!

Please refer to Terms & Conditions before enrolling to the course.